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No Fancy Tricks Here.  At AME Movers we believe Life is complicated enough.  That is why we offer a simple price structure.


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Local Moving Prices

Simple Local Pricing 

How many times have you asked yourself, why can’t moving companies just tell me exactly what they charge and keep it simple? Stop with all the hidden fees. At AME Movers we do just that. There is no service fees, no stairs fee, no piano fees, no hidden fees, period. We keep it simple, because we are not here to confuse our customers. We are here to give an honest price, great customer service, and a trained staff to get the job done as efficient and safe as possible.

 For all Out of Area Moves (outside of a 25 mile radius from Round Rock) there is a $0.75 mileage fee.  Also, if the job begins in an area outside of the 15 mile radius, then time starts when we leave the yard.  If the job ends in an area outside of the 25 mile radius, then time continues until we arrive to the yard.


PRICE INCLUDES:  2 Movers, Box Truck, Fuel, Insurance, Dollies, Pads, Plastic Wrap, Tools, & A Whole Lot Of Elbow Grease 

$148 per hour

Hours begin when we arrive.*

2 Movers

Each Additional Mover is $74/hr

4 Hr Minimum

Have us as long as you need us.

No Hidden Fees

A simple $44 service fee/truck. Straightforward Pricing.


PRICE INCLUDES:  1 Packer, Tape, Small, Medium, Large, & Extra Large Boxes, Packing Paper, Years Of Knowledge & Know How 


$94 per hour

Hours begin when we arrive.*

Boxes Included

No charge for standard boxes

1 Packer

Each Additional Packer is $94/hr

4 Hr Minimum

Have us as long as you need us.